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Kerry Thompson - Bone, Jade & Wood

Kerry is a master of traditional bone jade and mixed media wearable art.
He is one of New Zealand's best known and most skilled carvers with an unmistakable style that speaks of the deep respect he has for his craft, his culture and his tribe.
Amanda his wife is also a highly accomplished and skilled carver so these two make the ideal pair.
This gallery showcases some of Kerry's incredible one of a kind two tone bone carvings and jade carvings featuring stunning natural stains and fluid forms. 
True wearable art creations as jewelry, necklaces and earrings alongside sculptural display pieces 

Check out Kerrys other gallery HERE for his framed art, wood and silver creations

Please Note:
- Stained carvings should not be worn in the shower or while swimming as hot and salt water in particular will fade the stain.

As most of these pieces are one of a kind creations, they will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.