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About us

The Bone Art Place is dedicated to the art of genuine hand crafted New Zealand and Pacific bone carving, jade carving, pearl shell carving and wood carving in its many forms, from the very traditional Maori carving styles to the more contemporary designs for gifts and jewelry.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and represent many of New Zealands most well known and highly skilled local artists.

Maori jade carvings and necklacesDon & Heather Campbell

The founders of The Bone Art Place
Both born in New Zealand, Don is originally from a little place called Tuatapere at the bottom of the South Island and Heather grew up in Auckland.
Like most Kiwi families our blood lines are very mixed with Maori and European ancestry.

As a traditional bone and wood carver himself, Don started The Bone Art Place way back in 1998 to market his carving creations and also the work of several other artist friends to a wider international market.  
The concept of genuine high quality wearable art that was actually hand crafted be real artists working in their own studios (rather than those giant factories in Asia) was an instant success and since then The Bone Art place has grown to represent over 35 real artists from New Zealand and around the Pacific region.

Unfortunately most of the traditional or ethnic art you see sold on the net and even in stores these days is just mass produces copies/fakes made in factories in China, Philippines, Malaysia and India by people who have no respect or understanding for the artists, the art or the culture.  This is killing local artists who simply can't compete with the cheap machine made stuff so many previously successful and often world famous artists have now given up their craft.
Maori bone carvings and necklaces
Our guiding philosophy has always been to support real local artists who have developed their skills and their design flair through total immersion in their craft and their culture with knowledge and passion often passed down family lines over many generations.

You are welcome to call into Dons studio in Auckland any time to see our work in person but be aware that our great dane Nhala loves to meet new people so be prepared for a lick and a lean.

You can find our contact details on our "Contact Us" page.

You can also keep up to date with our new work or chat with Don on Facebook

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Bone Carving by Don Campbell

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