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Cords, Bags & Pouches

The Cord, The Presentation Case & The Story

Every pendant piece comes complete with an appropriate sized traditional style waxed braid cord/necklace.

Also supplied is a traditional pacific style woven presentation bag designed to show off the traditional styling and beauty of the carving and an attractive information sheet telling of the meaning of the carving and a little about the Maori people.

If you have a preference for colour, length, or style please let us know when you place your order.

There are five main types of cords:

- Simple slip knot adjustable braid cords in two thicknesses.
- Bound slip knot adjustable braid cords in two thicknesses as fitted on most carvings.
- Fixed length braid cords with bone toggles. 
- Thicker fixed length plaited cordswith carved bone toggles fitted.
- Thicker plaited adjustable cords as featured on many guest artists carvings.

In most cases the cord is attached by being looped through the carving so it can be easily removed but on some of the larger or more ornate pieces the cord is actually woven into the carving becoming an integral part of the design.

The cords are roughly 52cm (21 inches) in length when fitted to the carving and in three main colours, Natural/Tan, Black or Red.
However we can custom make them to any length you need (up to 76cm or 30 inches) at no extra charge.

Manaia Bone Carving and Cord= If you are wanting a replacement cord for a carving you purchased from The Bone Art Place and are not sure which cord will fit it email us the details (or even a photo of the carving) and we will let you know which cord to go for.

= If you are ordering spare fixed length cords and need a special length (other than the 22 inch standard cord length = 21 inches fitted) please specify the cord length required from end to end in inches or cm and don't forget to add 30mm to 40mm (1.4 inches) on average to allow for fixing to the carving.

= If you ask us to change the length of a cord on a carving you are buying from us don't add any extra as we will assume the length requested is the "when fitted" size so we will work out what extra is needed for that particular carving.

= Cords stretch a little with the weight of a carving and even the room temperature so we can not make them accurate down to 0.0001 inch. They will be accurate to around 12mm (1/2 an inch) = Cord lengths do not include the toggle or loop as these overlap when closed and
basically cancel out.

= We no longer make cords from leather or flax as we found they twisted too much and the thin cords used for carvings would not last long in contact with the oils from your skin.
The cords listed here are all made from strands of waxed polyester braid which lasts a very long time with little or no maintenance required.

= Yes we can custom make cords and we can also repair or replace all sorts of custom cordage and bindings so feel free to ask.
- email us at

All carvings are already supplied with a cord and bag, you do not need to order cords or bags unless you require additional or replacement items.