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Christmas Delivery

Final shipping dates for delivery before Christmas day.

Due to the overloading of postal & customs services worldwide at Christmas the normal postal delivery times can be much longer over this period.
This year with global travel restrictions and delays caused by Covid 19 in particular mean that shipping in general is much slower than usual.

Special note for German customers:
The German customs service can be VERY slow at normal times. During the Christmas period this gets much worse so you can reasonably expect to double the standard shipping times for packages sent to Germany.

Approx Final Shipping Dates From New Zealand
For Pre-Christmas Delivery

USA, UK & Europe

International Airmail Post 20th November
International Express Courier 8th December
Last orders for Christmas delivery to USA, UK & Europe
by courier should be placed on or before 8th December

Australia & South Pacific

International Airmail Post 24th November
International Express Courier 13th December
Last orders for Christmas delivery to Australia & South Pacific
by courier should be placed on or before 13th December

New Zealand

Local Courier 22nd December

Orders placed after these dates "may" arrive in time but are likely to arrive in the week to ten days following Christmas.


What can I do if I have missed the delivery cut off dates?

#1  Order a gift card instead.
Gift cards can be ordered any time and are automatically delivered instantly by email.
A range of gift card options are available HERE

 = Gift Card Special Offer = 
Order any gift cards before Christmas day that will be redeemed after December 25 & get a huge 20% discount.
Use the discount code    GiftCard20    when checking out
- Offer valid to December 25 only



#2 If you have already ordered a carving but missed the cut off date for your chosen delivery method or your order has been caught up the overloading of the mail systems and customs (Particularly in the USA, UK or Germany) and delayed, all is not lost as there is an alternative.

Why not grab the image of the carving from our web site and put it in a nice Christmas card with a note saying that their gift is currently "on a world tour and will come home to you shortly after Christmas"


Order Tracking Questions:

It is extremely frustrating and disappointing when a parcel does not arrive on time.
This year has been very bad for delays with the postal services world wide but particularly in the USA.
As well as the usual slowdowns caused by overloading of the mail systems, there have been additional delays caused by greater border security checking, also some devastating winter storms and the affects of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

As well as the delivery services being swamped, so are the mail tracking services. This is compounded by mail services being so overloaded that they are not always doing the mail bar code scans that they should be so some parcels will appear to be sitting in one place for a while when in fact they are moving but just have not been scanned.
We have also had reports of USPS or DHL staff giving wildly incorrect information just to get customers off the phone and that is not helping the situation at all.

If your parcel didn't make it by Christmas day and was ordered before the delivery deadlines listed on this page, it is most likely that it is caught up in the overloading of your local postal service so it should arrive a few days after Christmas when the backlog starts to clear.

Most courier and postal tracking services are so overloaded that they are not taking action on special tracking requests between Christmas and New Year due to the massive slowdown in delivery times caused by the Christmas rush and extra security.
We are therefore unable to help with special tracking requests for you until after the Christmas/New Year break when these services are available again.

Don't forget that the approx shipping times shown are exactly that "approximates or  estimates only" based on what the various shipping services have told us.
These  estimates can obviously not take into account unexpected delays such as those caused by slow customs services, accidents, storms or security threats.

Store operating hours over the Christmas & New Year breaks

Recognizing the need to spend some quality time with our family and friends after a tough year, The Bone Art Place will be in a limited mode of operation over the Christmas and New Year breaks.

Our online store will be accepting orders and payments as usual over the holiday break
however processing and shipping will happen on our return in January
Note: Gift cards are delivered automatically by email so they are not affected.

We will monitor our email accounts when possible for urgent or personal emails. (when we are at a location where we can get internet access.)

Our holiday schedule will be as follows:

= Christmas & New Year Break =

We are open and online in between December the 24th to January the 3rd, we will be able to receive orders. But they will not be processed and emails/phone calls will not be answered or replied to until we start back on Jan the 3rd  

December 23rd (New Zealand Time) - This will be the last day of normal operation. We will process and ship out all orders received by 10:00am New Zealand Time.

December 25th - We will be accepting orders but no emails or phone calls will be responded to orders wont be processed until boxing day (26th December).

December 26th - We will be operating this day, replying to emails phone calls and sending out orders as we are having a boxing day sales and want to get orders out ASAP.

December 27th to January 2nd - Our online store will be accepting orders and payments as usual, emails will be on auto responder mode, the phones will be on answer service and no orders or queries will be processed until January the 3rd

January 3rd - The Bone Art Place returns to full operational mode from this day. We will also begin working through our email backlog from this date. Please be patient as our phone and email responses may take a little longer than usual due to the backlog. 

NOTICE: Expect deliveries to take longer over the holiday period.

Orders will be processed and carvings reserved strictly in the order in which orders are received so if you want that something special don't wait to get your order in and make sure you reserve it first.

Best wishes to you all from
The Bone Art Place team