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Covid 19 Customer Care

We are a small family business and the health and well-being of our ourselves, our staff, our artists and our clients is our top priority.

With the increase in COVID-19 infections worldwide, we are taking all steps possible to keep everyone safe.
We are constantly monitoring advice from the Ministry of Health and from associated regulatory health boards etc. so that we are fully up to date with our safety and hygiene practices.

Handling and Shipping;
The handling and shipping of our wearable art pieces is done under very strict hygiene conditions to avoid any possible contact with the virus not only here but also in transit to our customers through the postal and courier services.

The hard surfaces of our wearable art pieces are not generally a place where the Covid-19 virus can survive however we are still taking extraordinary measures to keep all surfaces completely free of any possible contaminants.    

-  Every piece is individually wrapped then placed inside not one but at least three layers of packaging consisting of a layer of bubble wrap, then placed inside a kete bag (for pendants) which is then placed inside a sealed padded envelope and which is then finally placed inside a sealed shipping envelope so that there is no chance of contamination in transit. 
-  Shipping and courier collections and drop offs at our studio are "contactless" to prevent any direct contact with courier drivers or others outside our team.

Staff Care:
-  We practice very strict social distancing protocols so that each member of our team has their own dedicated work area and do not have to come into close contact with other team members.
-  Very strict hygiene rules are in place including hand washing and the use of gloves etc when handling materials in and around studio.
-   No visitors or non team members are allowed entry to our work space.
-   All members of our team have been told that if there is even the slightest suspicion that they are not feeling well or that they may have come into contact with anyone suspected of having the infection that they are not to come into work and are to isolate themselves in the interests of protecting our team and our community. 

Contact Tracing:
In the event that we have a none team member on site at our showroom, work-space or home, full visit and contact details will be recorded so that should health officials need to trace our contacts for any reason we will be able to provide them with full and accurate information immediately.

Gallery Showroom Visits:
Our gallery is located at our home.
Once again to protect our team members, family and customers from the risk of infection our showroom constantly cleaned and all visitors are required to practice social distancing.
Under NZ law, visitors are not allowed at alert level 3 or 4
We ask that you do not visit our gallery if you are in any way unwell or known to be a close contact of anyone suspected of having Covid 19.
Contact details will be recorded for Covid tracing and we require customers to scan in with the Covid 19 QR code tracking app prior to entry.
Depending on health department guidelines and alert levels at that time, customers may be required to wear a mask.   If masks are required at any time, refusal to wear a mask in our gallery/workshop will mean being instantly and permanently barred from entry to our premises.  

These measures are designed to keep everyone safe, particularly those most at risk such as the elderly or those with compromised immune systems or respiratory issues.
We have three people in our team/family who are are at high risk of serious medical complications should they come into contact with the Covid-19 virus so we will not compromise on our safety procedures under any circumstances and we make no apology for that. 

Wishing you all the very best in these tough times.
Stay safe, stay healthy and look after yourselves.
The Bone Art Place Team.