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Free Tracked International Post Shipping

For all orders over US$40

Free International Express Courier Shipping

For all orders over US$400 US$150

We ship to over 160 countries

- All of the rates shown are for international delivery anywhere in the world unless otherwise stated.
- Delivery times stated are  "approximate" only and are subject to regional or seasonal delays such as Christmas, customs clearance, security checking and events such as storms, fires and the effects of Covid 19.

The Covid-19 Shipping Time Updates: 

- The Covid-19 virus response worldwide is causing substantial transport delays so while we have extended our delivery time estimates, it is likely that from time to time some deliveries may take quite a bit longer than expected.
- Areas that are in lockdown or have imposed very strict contact rules change from day to day so be aware of any delivery restrictions that may apply in your area.
- Express Courier shipments usually require a signature on delivery by default.
If you have chosen the Express Courier option, the carrier DHL strongly recommend that you register with them so that you can arrange contacless or non signature and/or alternative delivery.
You can register at

If you are concerned about temporary delivery issues in your local area, you are welcome to ask us to hold your order until you instruct us it is safe to ship.
Contact us at    to arrange for a hold on your shipment.

- Tracked International Airmail Post. (Currently free for orders over US$40)

US$11.50 for up to five standard weight items in the same package shipped worldwide.
There is a up to US$150 insurance cover in this option
The postal services in a few countries can't or won't track international registered mail so these items will show as an "Untracked Service". While there is no end user tracking in those countries we can generally track them if they are overdue.
Normal delivery time approx 10 to 15 days to Europe and the USA
= Current delivery times approx 20 days to some parts of Europe and the USA
Normal delivery time approx 8 to 10 days to Australia
= Current delivery times approx 10 days to Australia

- Upgrade to DHL International Express Courier. (Currently free for orders over US$400 US$150)

US$40.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same package.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Normal delivery time approx. 4 working days.

- Upgrade to DHL Express Courier to Australia Only.

US$25.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same package.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Normal delivery time approx. 3 working days.

- Local Courier. (Within New Zealand Only)

US$5.50 Urban or US$8 Rural for up to five standard weight items in the same package.
For six or more pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Normal delivery time approx. 2 to 3 working days.

- How do I track my parcel?

- Tracked International Post:
You will be emailed a tracking number and link when your order is shipped. 
NOTE:  Postal tracking is not as detailed as courier tracking so shows major events only.
The initial tracking link we send you will track the package until it reaches your country and then at final delivery.
Once it has arrived in your country, if you want to see more tracking info you will need to enter the tracking number on your local postal service web site (eg USPS for the USA) 
Your local postal service web site will usually provide more detailed tracking as the package moves within your country.

- Express Courier - DHL International:

If you have chosen the Express Courier delivery option you will be emailed a tracking number and link when your order is shipped. 
DHL provide full tracking information on courier packages from door to door and updates on this info are also sent direct to the email address you gave us when you placed your order. 
You can also enter the tracking number on the DHL web site for the latest info.

- Local Courier (within NZ) - Courier Post or Fastway:
If you have given us a New Zealand delivery address your order will be shipped by local courier. 
You will be emailed a tracking number and link when your order is shipped.

- Do I need shipping insurance and what are the costs?

Loss of packages in the post is very rare but it does happen from time to time so you need to assess the risk yourself.
We have had parcels simply disappear without trace, we have had parcels stolen by neighbors from letterboxes, we have had parcels arrive empty or with damaged contents and we have even had a USA Postal service worker caught steeling them while sorting.
Theft and loss of parcels is more common during the Christmas rush when the postal services are under huge pressure and can make mistakes.

The standard tracked shipping option carries has US$150 of insurance cover.
If you are buying carvings worth more than those amounts, you should consider selecting one of the courier shipping options which are fully insured regardless of value and have detailed step by step tracking.

If a parcel is lost in the post system and you have chosen not to select a shipping method with the appropriate insurance cover, the maximum we can legally reimburse you is US$150 if tracked.     We can NOT refund payments or replace carvings over the insurance cover limit of the shipping option chosen by you when you place your order. 

Places we don't ship to:

We ship to over 160 countries.
Unfortunately some countries or regions such as parts of West Africa are known for extremely high rates of internet fraud or have a very high parcel loss rate due to theft or corruption in their postal systems.
If you try to place an order from one of those excluded countries the cart system will tell you that there are "No shipping options available" for that country.
It is very unfortunate that good customers in those countries end up suffering because of the actions of some local criminal elements but we simply can not afford to send parcels to ares where in some cases we have experienced up to an 80% loss rate.
We will make exceptions in some cases but that requires delivery to a known large business address and to a known senior staff member as well as substantial security and identity checking processes.
Contact us at   if you wish to discuss an exception.

Shipping for heavy or large items:

Standard weight items are pendants etc. which are over 90% of our products.
For heavy items such as very large wooden or framed pieces we will contact you with a shipping quote before your order is processed.

- Are there any known regional issues?

The Covid-19 virus crisis is causing delays with postal services in particular worldwide at present as air freight capacity is limited due to extra screening and many commercial air services being forced to reduce flights.
The German customs/mail services are very slow at the moment so standard postal shipping can take a month to be delivered. 
We highly recommend Courier shipping for German customers so that parcel tracking is available.
The USPS standard mail system is having some weather and overloading related issues and are sometimes slow to scan tracked parcels into the country.
Courier parcels are not affected.
= Returns:
USPS have decided in their infinite wisdom to temporarily suspend shipping from USA to New Zealand and Australia due to a shortage of flights into the Pacific region.
This means if you want to return or send something to us in NZ you will not be able to use USPS mail services so it might pay to choose those special gifts very carefully. 
If you really must send something to us in New Zealand from the USA, courier services such as DHL are still working fine, apparently it's just the mail that's not getting through.

We have temporarily suspended shipping orders under the value of £135 from our main gallery to the UK
With UK departing the EU on the 31st December their government has decided to shift the collection of VAT for imported goods from the UK border control onto the international seller.
This means that for orders shipped to the UK under the threshold value of £135, we are expected not only to add and collect VAT for the UK government but also to register a VAT tax account with the HMRC and have an accounting system to record and pay the VAT direct to the British government for every sale into that country.

We ship to over 160 countries and while multinational companies and market places like Amazon may be able to collect taxes for individual countries, as a small family business we do not have the resources or time to collect, record and remit taxes for the UK government.

Orders over the value of £135 will have duties and VAT collected by the UK customs service on arrival at the border instead.

The UK government are also removing the duty free limit so ALL parcels sent by a business regardless of value from outside the UK will be liable for import VAT payable by the importer of record (the customer)

At this stage it looks like we can now ship orders under £135 to the UK sold via one of our 3rd party Marketplace providers who can add and collect VAT on orders.
Contact us if you would like us to add items to that marketplace and send you a link for your UK bound orders.

- Delivery Times & Overdue Shipments:

Delivery times stated are approximate only and will vary from country to country.
Parcels can also from time to time be held up at your local customs or post office in which case you may need to contact them direct to find out what the delay is and to arrange delivery.
In some cases other external events can cause delays such as industrial action, storms, holiday season overloading or increased security/threat levels.
If a parcel is late please contact us direct. We will need a little time to check our tracking systems and talk to the various parties along the way in order to find out if it is held up or has in fact gone missing before we can arrange a replacement or refund based on the level of insurance chosen when you placed your order.

Postal shipping times in particular can vary greatly so if you need something by a particular date and that date is not at least twice the standard mail delivery time, please choose one of the courier shipping options.

- Customs Duties or VAT

Having to pay customs import duties on your standard postal package when it arrives is not common in most countries other than the UK and the EU both of which now have a zero duty free limit.
For higher value items or those shipped by courier however customs charges are not uncommon.

When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

If you are ordering anything (not just from us) from outside your own country there is always a possibility that your customs service may inspect the parcel and may charge import duties, taxes or other charges. These will usually be invoiced by the delivery provider on behalf of the your local customs service.

As we have no control whatsoever over the customs and postal services in your country The Bone Art Place can not under any circumstances quote on nor cover any such fees charged by your local authorities.
The recipient is the "Importer of record" and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country including paying any duties imposed by their local authorities.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country so if you are concerned you should contact your local customs office for more information and to check what if any charges may be applicable before you place your order.

If you refuse accept delivery on a parcel (or fail to pay an invoice for duties before due date) to avoid paying customs duties or because the customs service delayed delivery of your parcel, they will return it to us (which can take several months) and in some cases we will be charged for the return shipping cost plus customs duties.

Once we receive the items back in good condition we will then refund you for the purchase price of the returned items less any return shipping costs and customs duties we may have been charged.

We are required by international law to show the actual purchase value of the order on all customs documents included with the order.
Please DO NOT ask us to understate the value of the order for customs or list items as a "gifts" or "samples".
Doing so would be regarded as a false customs declaration and this could result in prosecution and/or seizure of the package by the customs service.