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Maori Waka

Large Waka War Canoe Sculpture


An ornate carved wooden Waka (War Canoe) sculpture.

410mm Long (16.4 Inches)
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.  

The Waka is commonly known as a canoe but in reality Waka means "Sacred Vessel"
The Maori long canoes were very sacred and carried the spirits of the warriors and chiefs who carved and used them. Waka or carved wooden containers were also used for storing sacred items such as ceremonial Huia feathers "Wakahuia" bone needles and spear tips or carvings.
The great war canoes are actually WakaTaua, outrigger canoes are WakaAma, Ocean going canoes are WakaTete and your true home or place of origin is Wakaianga. 

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