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Nick and Mady - Jade

Nick Spicer Balme and Madelyne Gourdin are creative jade carvers working in many types of jade from all over the world.
Both have won numerous international awards for their creative work and both continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in both wearable and sculptural jade carving.  

Nick grew up in New Zealand where he experimented with carving all manner of materials before moving to Greymouth to attend Tai Poutani Polytechnic and learn the art of hard stone and carving jade. He has a contemporary organic style with influence from native Maori art.

Mady was born in France where she studied art history and archaeology, she later transfused this to learn stone carving and restoration and earned a diploma with distinction as a 'Stone Mason Specialised Sculptor, and Restorator of Historical Monuments'.
In November 2015 Mady traveled to New Zealand, to discover a new culture, new arts and influences. She brings a European style and flair to New Zealand stone, creating a fusion of the two worlds.