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Adjustable Bound Plaited Cords - C6


The ultimate in traditional style adjustable slip cords.
A thicker hand plaited braid cord/necklace with two slip bindings for adjusting the length. 

The slip knots are tied using bindings for a very traditional look which is not only easy on the neck but also looks great when the cord is set short so the knots are at the front or near the carving.

Wear this cord long or short, easily adjust it to just the right length.

This is a great cord for sporty types like surfers, divers and kayakers, you can wear you carving low or you can tighten it right up close to the neck so it won't come off over the head when taking a hit from that really big wave.

Ideal for medium to large carvings (may not fit through very small carvings)


- There are two main colours, black and natural/tan

- The main image shows two cords for comparison only.
- This listing is for a single cord (with color options) so pricing shown is per cord. 
- Carvings shown are to illustrate cord use only, the carvings are not included.

Just a reminder:
All our carvings are already supplied with a necklace cord so this listing is for "Extra" cords 
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