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Whole Paua Shell

Polished Pāua Shell


Pāua is a versatile material, being used commonly in bone and jade carving as well as jewelry within New Zealand (Aotearoa). Keep an eye out on our discount page to see any specials including Pāua HERE

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A large cleaned and polished whole New Zealand South Island Pāua shell
A Grade

Sizes Available:
Large Trophy Size = 140mm to 155m Long (5.5 to 6 Inches)
Medium Size = 120mm to 130mm Long (4.7 to 5.1 Inches)

In New Zealand's cold waters the native Pāua (Abalone in the USA) grows very large and has very rich colours, especially blues and greens
It has been used by the Māori to decorate everything from weapons to houses so is a sacred gift of the ocean.
They are ideal as display pieces or even bowls for holding little treasures or food.

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