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Engraved and Bound Toki Bone Pendant


A hand crafted Toki (Adz Blade) bone carving necklace with traditional engravings.

Featuring complex traditional bindings with a hand plaited waxed adjustable braid cord.
It also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.


73mm (2.87" Inches)

Includes free shipping worldwide.   

This design represents the Adze which was used to carve the great canoes and also to cut and work timber for the fortresses or Pahs in which the Maori lived. It was such an important tool in Maori life that it became regarded as a symbol of power, authority and good character. It is also the mark of the craftsman and artist bringing together head, hand and heart.

Carved from treated and polished domestic cow bone.
Species = Bovine

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