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Wooden Huia Feather Earrings by Kristal Thompson (3 Sizes)


Stunning laser cut wood veneer earrings depicting feathers of the native New Zealand Huia on silver hangers by Kristal Thompson.  
Delicate and elegant styling with a traditional flair.  

They are supplied in a traditional woven presentation pouch.    
These earrings are very lightweight and move beautifully.

Sizes Available:     
Small = 40mm Long (1.6 Inches) excluding the hangers.     
Medium = 50mm Long (2 Inches) excluding the hangers.     
Large = 60mm Long (2.3 Inches) excluding the hangers.     

The native Huia was a stunning large black and white large songbird, mainly black with long white-tipped tail feathers.   It is now extinct but feathers of the Huia are still treasured and regarded as sacred.

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