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Wheku Mask Manaia, pekapeka style bone pendant


A large hand carved bone necklace. Complex pekapeka style symmetrical design incorporating the Wheku-mask and Manaia-bird's head form.

Carved in the horizontal Pekapeka style featuring detailed engravings and Paua shell inlays.
Complete with an adjustable waxed braid cord ,  a traditional style woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

95mm Wide (3.75 Inches)

The Manaia is one of the more ancient mythical beings with a bird's head and a human form. It is said to be the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits. The Manaia is regarded as a kind deity protecting the people and helping them communicate with ancestors on the other side.
It is also a holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil.

Carved from treated and polished domestic cow bone.
Species = Bovine

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