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A wholesale buyer purchases items from our gallery at special wholesale pricing and then on-sells those items to their own customers with the appropriate markup.
As a wholesaler invests in stock and buys in bulk they get a much higher discount rate than a drop shipper or affiliate.

Summary of Wholesale Account:

  • You buy at wholesale and set your own retail margins, we do not require you to sell at a set retail price.
  • Our 60 day satisfaction guarantee covers you and your customers
  • To qualify for wholesale pricing your average shipment size should be 10 or more items
    This can be made up of any combination of designs eg 1 each of 10 different designs or a mix of numbers and designs.
    Obviously some special/urgent or initial sample orders may be smaller.
  • Payment is required at the time of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • We ship all commercial quantity orders by courier so you must select one of the courier delivery options when placing your order unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • RSS feed URLs will shortly be available on request.

  • You will be able to log onto our web site and see your wholesale pricing, availability and inventory on all items in real time.
  • You will also be able to check the status of your orders and update delivery addresses etc. online.

  • You can not combine wholesale pricing with any other promotional discount codes or offers.
  • We do not offer exclusive territory or agency agreements.

Due to the small margin on these items and the cooperative nature of our network of craftspeople, we do not do free samples nor do we supply work on a "sale or return" or "payment on sale" basis. Your company would be required to order and pay for the goods in the first instance and then on-sell them to your customers under your own terms and pricing structures.

Trading Terms, Conduct and Representation of Bone Art Place Products & Artists:

We are very passionate about our craft work and insist that those who represent us do so in an appropriate manner.
For this reason we will be regularly checking your site for suitability to be a Bone Art Place agent and may decline or cancel an affiliate, drop shipper or wholesale account if we believe that you are:

  • Misrepresenting our products or artists in any way.
  • Using bulk unsolicited email (spam) to promote your site or our products.
  • Misrepresenting your identity or claiming to be The Bone Art Place.
  • Trading in an unethical manner.
  • In payment arrears.
  • Sharing or in any way abusing your wholesale access codes or drop ship discount code.
  • Linking from or associated with a site which we believe carries inappropriate or illegal material.
  • Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a web site, page, blog or social media page header or title. 
  • Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a search term on any search engine, web site or directory. 
  • Using The Bone Art Place images or web site content without express permission to do so. 
  • All content on our web site and our social media pages is protected under international copyright law.
    You may use product images and product descriptions from our web site for promoting the sale of those specific products only.
    Any other material (including images and text) and/or any other use (including banners, general content or general advertising) requires specific permission to be granted by the Bone Art Place
  • Your site must be clearly identifiable as your web site, not The Bone Art Place.
    Do Not use any of our banners or our trade name The Bone Art Place as a site header or in any other way that may mislead visitors into believing that your page, email or post is The Bone Art Place or is an official part of our web site. 
    In the case of emails and social media/blog posts you must not do anything that may cause readers believe that the post or email originated directly from The Bone Art Place

Customs Duties or Import Taxes:

As the "Importer of Record" you are totally responsible for paying any such fees applied by your local authorities.
The Bone Art Place will not accept any liability or responsibility for any such duties or taxes.
If a package is returned because you refused it or failed to pay any duties by due date we will be charged for return shipping and possibly customs duties. 
We will deduct any such costs from any refund due on return.

Opening and/or operating a wholesale account with The Bone Art Place is conditional on full agreement with all of these trading terms.

Breaching these conditions will result in immediate termination of your wholesale account.

Retail discount codes or coupons:

From time to time we offer special short term retail discount codes to our newsletter subscribers or Facebook followers etc.
Do NOTuse any short term retail discount code offers when ordering wholesale.
They will be rejected by our system when you are logged in with your wholesale account details.

  • You can not add wholesale pricing and retail discount codes for a larger discount.
  • Retail discount code offers will never be greater than your standard wholesale discounts, as a wholesaler you prices are always the lowest available.
  • Either log in using your wholesale account details to get the wholesale pricing or don't log in and use the retail discount code, you can't do both.

How to use the wholesale login and site:

  1. Log into our site using your registered email address and password.
  2. The site will look the same BUT all the prices shown will have been changed to show your wholesale pricing.
    The prices in white are the retail prices and the prices in red are your wholesale prices.
  3. Add items to your cart as normal and check out as normal.  
    The cart will show the retail total and your total order discount. 
    In the notes section you will see a breakdown of the wholesale discounts applied to each product.
  4. IMPORTANT.  Wholesale buyers MUST choose one of the Courier Delivery options unless prior arrangements have been made (eg small single item orders by tracked post).
    The wholesale login will display prices on the web site in any currency you select however currently the checkout process MUST be done in US$ currency only. (Your credit card company will change the US$ to your local currency when they process the charge)

    = Make sure that the currency selector at the top right hand corner of the page is set to US$ before hitting the "Checkout" button to avoid errors.
    We are currently working with our developers to make the checkout part of the process work with all other currencies"
  6. If you prefer you can place orders by email instead. 
    We will conform pricing and availability for you then send you a payment link for you to complete your order.

QUESTION:   The site looks the same when I log in, how do I know I am logged into the wholesale system?

  • When you are logged in you will see your name on the top of the page
    eg. "Logged in as Heather"
  • IF your account has been marked as a "Wholesale" account you will see ALL of the prices have both a white and a red price. (the red price is your price)
  • If you are not logged in or your account has not yet been marked as a wholesale account then you will see most prices in white only and only those items marked with SALE badges will have red prices
    This means you are seeing the normal retail prices, not wholesale.

Using the "Search" function:

If you know the product codes for items you want to re-order it can be quicker to just use the search bar to find each one.
The search results will show a product picture so you can then click on that to see stock levels and add items to your cart.

Shop Currency:

Our prices are displayed by default in US$ however you can change the displayed currency using the currency selector at the top right of any page.
Be aware however that the currency shown in the cart system for orders placed online will be displayed as the default US$ again and will be converted to your local currency by the payment processor.
If you are ordering from within NZ and using a NZ issued credit card choose the "New Zealand Credit Card Holder" payment option and we will send you a custom link to our New Zealand credit card payment gateway instead.

Applying for a Wholesale Account:

Contact Don at

Tell us a little about you and your company and how/where you will be selling our carvings.
Also supply the following details for your account.

  • Contact name
  • Email address (This will be used as your login user ID)
  • Company name
  • Web site URL if you have one
  • Shipping street address
  • Contact phone.

Once approved we will send you an activation link for your wholesale account so that you can log in and set your password etc.
As new wholesale account orders are paid at the time they are placed or prior to shipment, we can usually approve an account within 24 hours.

If you already have a retail account login let us know and if approved we will change that to a wholesale account for you