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Jade Carvings

The beauty of jade is unsurpassed with its semi translucent look and swirls of green that seem to float deep within the stone. Hold a jade carving up to the light and you will truly be looking into another world.

These pieces are a mixture traditional decorative styles along with some contemporary designs. Many are based on Maori legend while some are modern designs inspired by ancient Maori styles with flowing lines, scrolls and soft forms.
Some of these carvings are large at around 100mm long (4 inches) long while most average about 50mm (2 inches) in length or less.

Nephrite jade ranges in colour from a very pale green to a very dark almost black jade. It is found in many countries around the world so many carvers use jade from Australia or even Canada when stocks of local stone are low.

New Zealand jade is often referred to as Greenstone or Pounamu

For your convenience we have broken this gallery into five main sections based on the general style and meaning of the carvings displayed in each.

Jade Traditional Maori designs in jewelry and necklaces

Mixed Styles

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