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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping gives you the opportunity to retail products but not actually carry stock or have to deal with shipping and fulfillment etc.

Drop Ship Program Summary:

  • You sell our work to your customers at your price and take their payment.
  • You then buy from us with a special code that gives you a 20% discount off our retail prices
  • We ship direct to your customers.
  • There are no fees for joining our drop ship program.
  • There are no minimum order volumes.
  • Our 60 day satisfaction guarantee applies to all drop ship orders.
  • You can use product images and descriptions from our site to sell those specific products in your store.
  • Daily out of stock notification emails are available on request
  • Instant back in stock notification emails are available on request
  • CSV product feed and other reports available for download.

Placing an order:

Place orders for each customer individually.

  1. Add the items your customer purchased to the cart.
  2. Put a note in the comments box saying "Drop Ship Order" then hit the "Checkout" button
  3. Enter YOUR email address on the first page and then the customers name and address details in the Shipping Address Section.
  4. Enter your drop ship discount code in the discount code box and hit "Apply" then click on "Continue To Shipping".
  5. Select a shipping method and hit "Continue to Payment"
  6. In the payment section fill in YOUR payment details and click on and under "Billing Address" click on "Use a Different Billing Address".  
    This is where you put your own address details.
  7. Complete the order and we will take care of the rest. We will also send any tracking info etc to you.

    - Note: Gift Cards use a different drop shipper code from all other products as they are delivered to you by email to forward to your customer.  As such they need to be ordered separately from other products.

A drop shipper account is a cash account meaning that we require payment at the time the order is placed.

As such all drop ship orders need to be placed individually via our web site cart system to process the payment for each order and to set up the order and shipping details in our system for automatic shipping label printing, stock adjustments, fulfilment, address verification and tracking etc.

If you have additional documents you wish to have printed and included in the shipment such as your customer invoice etc. you are welcome to email those though to us when you place orders.

UK Orders = Special Note:

= The new Brexit VAT rules:
From the 1st January 2021 and as part of Brexit the UK removed their tax exemption for low value items imported into the UK and moved the requirement for the collection of VAT from the border to the seller when the order value is less than £135

All companies directly selling anything into the UK shipped from anywhere else in the world including the EU are now required to register for VAT in the UK and to collect and remit VAT on all orders under £135

We can ship orders to the UK for drop shippers but for orders valued at less than £135 we will need you to provide an official invoice on your letterhead showing your company details and showing the purchase price and UK VAT component.

If you sell via an online marketplace such as Etsy or Amazon they will add the VAT and do the VAT returns for you so a copy of their invoice to the customer will meet the invoicing needs for the UK Customs service.

For shipments over the value of £135 the seller is not required to collect or account for VAT as the VAT will be collected from the customer at the border so you don't need to do anything special for those orders other than advise the customer that VAT will be charged at the border along with any other applicable duties..

As we are not the seller we are unable to provide sales invoices nor account for VAT with the UK government which is why we ask for a copy of your customer invoice to include with the shipment.

= Placing UK orders over the value of £135:
Just place orders as you would for all other countries.  
VAT will be collected from your customer at the border.

= Placing UK orders under the value of £135:
Our system will not accept orders under £135 with a UK shipping address.
Place these orders using your own address in the shipping field but put the customers details, full address and phone number in the comments section.
You are required to have collected VAT and you must have a UK tax number.
You will need to email us a copy of your customer invoice showing the amount of VAT charged and showing your UK Tax number. 
For orders under £135 sent to the UK we can not ship to the UK if you:
- Are not registered for tax in the UK
- You have not included VAT either on top of or included in your pricing.
- You have not supplied us with an invoice showing the amount of VAT collected and showing your UK tax number. 

EU Orders = Special Note:

= The new EU VAT rules:
From the 1st July 2021 all orders regardless of value shipped to any EU country will be subject to VAT
Orders over the value of €150 will have VAT collected at the border.
Orders under the value of €150 can have VAT collected by the seller (if they have a voluntary IOSS registration number)  or it can be collected at the border.

= Placing EU orders over the value of €150:
Just place orders as you would for all other countries.
VAT will be collected from your customer at the border.  

= Placing EU orders under the value of €150:
Just place orders as you would for all other countries
- If you have not charged VAT it will be collected from your customer at the border. 
- If you have charged VAT on top of or included it in your prices then you will need to email us a copy of your customer invoice showing the amount of VAT collected and showing your IOSS number otherwise your customer will be charged VAT again at the border.


Customer Contact = Important Note:

We do not interact directly with your customers at all.
All automatic notices such as order confirmations, shipping confirmations and tracking details are sent to you at the "billing address" email so you can pass the info onto your customer in any format you wish.
You are totally responsible for payments, charge backs and communications with your customers.
We are simply selling you a carving at a discount and shipping it to a different address so you are our customer.

Use of Drop Ship Discount Codes:

  • You can not combine a drop ship discount code and any other promotional discount codes or offers.
  • Your drop ship code is highly confidential, DO NOT allow it to be used by any unauthorized person or published in any form

Retail discount codes or coupons:

From time to time we offer special short term retail discount codes to our newsletter subscriber or Facebook followers etc.

  • Our system will only accept one discount code per order.
  • You can not combine drop shipping codes and retail codes for a larger discount.
  • If you use a retail discount code instead of your Drop Shipper Code, your order will be treated as a standard retail order and shipped with all of our usual branded paperwork etc. 
    That means no blind drop shipping and no additional custom documents etc will be included.

Stock & Availability:

Check our gallery regularly to make sure items you are selling are still available.
Should you sell an item that we have already sold out of on our main site the best thing to do is go back to your customer and tell them that the piece they wanted is no longer available.   Offer them a few alternatives (and perhaps a small discount as well) and in most cases they will be happy to choose another piece.
If you need help suggesting alternatives email Ben and he will send you some suggestions.
If you are offering them a one off custom piece let us know and we may be able to reserved it for you for a couple of days.

We have a CSV file product feed as well as various other report data feeds available which includes all listing details.  These files are updated hourly and are available for download via a drop box link that will be sent to you once your drop shipper application is approved.

Each sold out product that is likely to be made available again will have a link on the product details page that will allow you to registered for an email notification when that product becomes available again.
If a sold out item does not have that link on the product details page it generally means that it was a one off or that we do not intend to restock that item.

Customs Duties or Import Taxes:

Whenever you or your customers import any goods into another country they are subject to customs inspection and possibly import duties.
As every country uses different rules we are not able to tell you what if any duties may be payable to your local customs service so we recommend you contact them to find out before importing goods.
There are often duty free limits so that if an order is under a certain value import fees are not charged.
As a genera rule we find that most packages shipped by courier will be inspected and if over the duty free limit customs duties will be payable.
"Most" packages shipped by post if not too large and not of  high value will pass through without customs inspection or duties payable.
The customer is the "Importer of Record" and is totally responsible for paying any such fees applied by their local authorities.
If a package is returned because your customer refused it or failed to pay any duties by due date we will be charged for return shipping and possibly customs duties. 
We will deduct any such costs from any refund due on return.

Terms of Use.

You must agree to these terms of use to join The Bone Art Place drop ship program.

Over many years we have built up a reputation for genuine quality and service as an ethical trader.
As such we vigorously protect that reputation and only wish to work with people who are equally passionate about the craft, the culture and who will work with us in an honest and ethical manner.

Tools & Options Available to Drop Shippers:

To make it easier for you to manage your drop ship products we have several free tools and options available.
The link to our the files will be emailed to you when your drop ship application is approved.

  • We have a downloadable CSV feed available with all products, listing details and descriptions, image URLs, stock and pricing etc.  This file is updated hourly.
  • We have several downloadable CSV feed reports available including an out of stock items list and a new items added in the last 30 days list.  These files are generally updated hourly.
  • If a product you are listing goes out of stock you can register to be notified instantly when that product is available again. 
    An "Email Me When Available" button will appear on the products details page when it is out of stock.
    If a product is out of stock and there is no "Email Me" button on the product page it means that product was a either one of a kind piece or that we do not intend to restock it in the near future. 
  • If you send us your letterhead in MS Word format and request "Blind Drop Shipping with Letterhead" each time you place an order we will customize all documents with your letterhead.
  • We are also happy to include your business cards, vouchers etc. in the packages if you send them to us.

Trading Terms, Conduct and Representation of Bone Art Place Products & Artists:

We are very passionate about our craft work and insist that those who represent us do so in an appropriate manner.
For this reason we will be regularly checking your site for suitability to be a Bone Art Place agent and may decline or cancel an affiliate, drop shipper or wholesale account if we believe that you are:

  • Misrepresenting our products or artists in any way.
  • Using bulk unsolicited email (spam) to promote your site or our products.
  • Misrepresenting your identity or claiming to be The Bone Art Place.
  • Trading in an unethical manner.
  • In payment arrears.
  • Sharing or in any way abusing your wholesale access codes or drop ship discount code.
  • Linking from or associated with a site which we believe carries inappropriate or illegal material.
  • Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a web site, page, blog or social media page header or title. 
  • Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a search term on any search engine, web site or directory. 
  • All content on our web site and our social media pages is protected under international copyright law.
    As a registered drop shipper you are granted conditional use of images and descriptions from our web site to promote those specific products only.
    Any other material (including images and text) and/or any other use (including banners, general content or general advertising) requires specific permission to be granted by the Bone Art Place
  • Your site must be clearly identifiable as your web site, not The Bone Art Place.
    Do Not use any of our banners or our trade name The Bone Art Place as a site header or in any other way that may mislead visitors into believing that your page, email or post is The Bone Art Place or is an official part of our web site. 
    In the case of emails and social media/blog posts you must not do anything that may cause readers believe that the post or email originated directly from The Bone Art Place

Opening and/or operating a drop shipper account with The Bone Art Place is conditional on full agreement with all of these trading terms.

Breaching these conditions will result in immediate termination of your drop shipper account.

Applying for a Drop Ship Account:

Contact us at

Tell us a little about you and your company and how/where you will be selling our carvings.
Also supply the following details for your account.

  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Web site URL if you have one
  • Address

Once approved we will send you instructions and your drop shipper discount code to use when placing orders.
We can usually approve an account within 24 hours.