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Affiliate Program

An affiliate is simply someone who refers customers to our gallery and in return earns a commission on any sales that result directly from those referrals.

We give you a special link to use whenever you refer someone to our web site.

Affiliate referrals can be from a web site, email, blog post or social media post so you don't need to have a web site or be a company to earn affiliate commissions. 

Currently we are paying a commission rate of 15% on completed sales.
Commissions are paid out monthly and affiliates can choose to have us pay them by Pay Pal or as Gift cards.

Affiliates have access to a personal admin page with lots of resources and information including all the details of referred visits, completed orders, commission payments, banners and more.
There is also a link generator function available that will create links for you for any product or page in our gallery if you want to send customers to a specific place or product on our web site.

Terms of Use.

You must agree to these terms of use to join The Bone Art Place affiliate program.

Over many years we have built up a reputation for genuine quality and service as an ethical trader.
As such we vigorously protect that reputation and only wish to work with people who are equally passionate about the craft, the culture and who will work with us in an honest and ethical manner.

Use of banners and links:

Your site must be clearly identifiable as your web site, not The Bone Art Place.
Do Not use any of our banners or our trade name The Bone Art Place as a site header or in any other way that may mislead visitors into believing that your page, email or post is The Bone Art Place or is an official part of our web site. 
In the case of emails and social media/blog posts you must not do anything that may cause readers believe that the post or email originated directly from The Bone Art Place.

Breaching these conditions of use will result in immediate termination of your affiliate account

General Trading Conduct and Representation of Bone Art Place Products & Artists:

We are very passionate about our craft work and insist that those who represent us do so in an appropriate manner.
For this reason we will be regularly checking your site for suitability to be a Bone Art Place agent and may decline or cancel an affiliate, drop shipper or wholesale account if we believe that you are:
- Manipulating links and/or cookies to mislead customers or automatically setting Bone Art Place affiliate cookies. (cookie stuffing)
  Customers must have come directly from your site to ours by choosing to follow a clearly identified link to The Bone Art Place.
- Misrepresenting our products or artists in any way.
- Using bulk unsolicited email (spam) to promote your site or our products.
- Misrepresenting your identity or claiming to be The Bone Art Place.
- Trading in an unethical manner.
- Linking from or associated with a site which we believe carries inappropriate or illegal material.
- Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a web site, page, blog or social media page header or title.
- Using The Bone Art Place trading name without authorization as a search term on any search engine, web site, re-marketing campaign or directory.
- Using The Bone Art Place images or web site content without express permission to do so.

Breaching these conditions of use will result in immediate termination of your affiliate account.

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