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Jade Roimata Drop Pendant


A beautiful piece of dark handcrafted jade. Made in New Zealand by celebrated carver Al Brown. Featuring New Zealand Pounamu Roimatas or teardrop pendants with a traditional satin finish.

Complete with an adjustable waxed braid cord, it also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

85mm (3.34 inches)
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.

A traditional teardrop pendant that is known to the Māori of New Zealand as a Roimata. It represents the flow of positive energy, healing, comfort and strength on your journey through life. Teardrop pendants are generally regarded as touchstones, ideal for meditation. They also represent a connection to the land.

All Pendants are similar and made from the same piece of stone. Orders will be chosen from remaining stock as each are sold.

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