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Toki Double Koru jade pendant


A beautiful handcrafted jade toki double koru pendant with a highly polished finish to bring out the translucency of the stone. From our Tamaki Makaurau carving studio.

It includes an adjustable plaited waxed braid cord, a traditional style woven presentation pouch and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.    

70mm Long (2.75 inches)    
Includes Free Tracked International Post Delivery World Wide.   

Each piece in this design is unique due to variation in the greenstone so exact color and markings may differ from the image.

Traditionally in Maori culture, Pounamu was used to create tools and chisels for carving. The Adze (Toki) was used for building and decorating Waka (canoes) and Whare (meeting house). Carved Toki range from very plain tools through to magnificent works of art. they were skilfully shaped from all kinds of Pounamu, but the most prized was the hard Pounamu that could keep a sharp cutting edge comparable with metal. Each Toki started as a slab of Pounamu that was sliced shaped and sharpened under the pressure of the human hand, water and sandstone. 

The spiral korus symbolize eternity, loyalty, faith, friendship or the love between two people.  

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