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Jade Kawakawa Leaf Sculpture by Nick Balme


A hand carved New Zealand flower jade kawakawa leaf sculpture resting on an intricately carved wooden base by Nick Balme.   
This special carving is not just a display piece, it is a touchstone that needs to be touched, explored and experienced. It is a tactile piece that fits perfectly in the hand and with its range of textures from polished to rough and its surprising weight it really is a sensual experience. 
It was carved from a river stone so retains much of the rough and raw texture of the stone from which it was carved.

130mm Long (5.1 Inches) 
Includes Free Express Courier Shipping Worldwide.   

Includes Free Express Courier Shipping Worldwide.

This is a one of a kind collectors piece that will never be repeated so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold. 

The Kawakawa shrub with its distinctive dark green leaves and insect holes in every leaf is a very special plant to the Maori people.  
Kawakawa's antimicrobial and analgesic properties make it a powerful treatment for all sorts of infections and abrasions all the way through to helping with toothache, indigestion and even just general well being.
It is extremely rare to find a kawakawa leaf that hasn't been chewed on by insects showing just how good they are to eat.

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