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Intricate ngohi (fish) carving by Nick Balme


A large handcrafted ngohi (fish) pendant carved in beautiful New Zealand pounamu or Greenstone, with complex koru designs on the inside detailing the wai or movement of the water, this piece is stunningly carved by Nick Balme. 

 Complete with an adjustable plaited waxed braid, it also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.  

62mm tall (2.44 in)

Includes Free Delivery Worldwide.  

This is a one of a kind piece so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.  

Kai moana (food from the sea), provided vital proteins and fats for tribe members, and Māori believed every fish in the sea was a descendant of Tangaroa, the God of the sea. Māori used tools and tactics that rival modern recreational fishermen, and there were few marine species they could not catch.

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