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Freeform Jade Manaia, handcrafted pendant


A handcrafted New Zealand Marsden Freeform Pounamu Pendant that is inspired by the Manaia form,  made out of Pounamu with a traditional satin finish by featured artist Nick Balme.

Complete with an adjustable waxed braid cord, it also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.  

35mm Tall (1.37 Inches)   
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.  

Check out more of Nicks amazing jade carving in our featured artist's galleries.

This is a one of a kind piece by virtue of the amazing jade from which it is carved,  so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.   

The Maori people were great mariners and fishermen so the Matau is, therefore, one of the most powerful symbols used in Maori culture as it represents prosperity, abundance and fertility.  
It also is said to provide good luck and safety when travelling over water.  
The wearer of a Hei-Matau is seen as a provider and protector who is strong-willed and determined to succeed in life. 

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