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Jade Kopae Disc, handcrafted pendant with plaited cord


Kopae disc pendant hand carved in stunning polished mid green Kahurangi greenstone from the West Coast, New Zealand. Crafted by Ngai Tahu caver, Alex Sands

It includes an adjustable plaited waxed braid cord, a traditional style woven presentation case and a description of the meaning of the carving.    

40mm Long (1.3 Inches)    
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.   

Each piece of Pounamu or Greenstone comes with it's own unique "flowering" (marks, speckles & scars within the jade, due to the nature of how its formed in the earth). So exact color and markings may differ from the photo.

The kopae disc is a timeless form thought to represent the sky, eternity and the path of life. 

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