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Large Tangiwai Fern Leaf Koru by Rewiri

  • $185

A hand carved Tangiwai fern leaf Koru pendant by Rewiri Tarapata.

This stunning piece is carved from a river stone so features all the natural rough textures and cracks etc. of the original stone found in a wild New Zealand west coast alpine stream. 

Tangiwai is an amazing stone that often hides its true beauty, it appears dark when in the hand but give it just a little bit of light and it suddenly springs to life with a translucent glow. 

It includes an adjustable waxed braid cord, a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

70mm Long (2.75 Inches)
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.

The fern leaf is the international symbol for New Zealand.
The fern frond as it opens to become the leaf is the spiral Koru form which represents new life, family and new directions in life

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