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New life leaves and flower bud by Madelyne Gourdin


A stunning hand crafted new life leaves and flower bud on branch pendant carved in dark New Zealand Jade or Pounamu by Madelyne Gourdin.     

This is a full 3D wearable sculpture and shows off the extraordinary design skills and craftsmanship of this truly amazing young artist.  

Mady has carved the dark jade so that in the hand it looks dark but the moment any light strikes the piece the leaves light up and show their translucency.   

Includes a wooden presentation box with fern leaf inlay of Paua shell.  

70mm Long (2.75 Inches)    

Includes Free DHL International Express Courier Delivery Worldwide.   

This is a unique one of a kind collectors piece so will never be repeated and will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.   

This Jade Leaf represents new life and new beginnings. 

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