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New Life by Nick Balme and Madelyne Gourdin

  • $795

A large stunning one of a kind hand crafted new life pendant carved in rare NZ Jade or Pounamu by Nick Balme and Madelyne Gourdin.    

It includes an adjustable platted waxed braid cord, a wooden presentation box and a description of the meaning of the carving.     

This is an example of the best of true wearable art with its multi layered 3D form and amazing detail by two masters of their craft.    
It is finished with a traditional soft matt surface and has an aura of strength that makes you just want to touch it.

90mm Long (3.6 Inches) 
65mm Wide (2.6 Inches)   
10mm Thick (0.4 Inches)   

This is a unique one of a kind custom piece so it will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.    

Includes Free Express Courier Shipping World Wide.   

This sprouting seed pod and Koru forms represents new life and new beginnings. 
The multi layers are leaves or flower petals as they open up to a new world.  

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