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Large Jade Koru with Wakahuia by Shaun Gardiner

  • $385

A large matt finished dark jade or greenstone Maori style Koru pendant by Shaun Gardiner

It includes a waxed braid cord with carved jade toggle, a detailed description of the meaning of the carving and a wooden Wakahuia gift box with a Koru inlay of Paua shell.

The jade from which this stunning piece is carved is very dark so in the hand appears almost black.  Hold it up so the light catches it however and it will transport you to a world of rich deep translucent greens and strong textures.  

85mm Long (3.3 Inches)

This is a one off piece so will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold out.

The koru is a new fern frond as it opens representing purity, new life, new journeys and family.

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