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Jade Mobius Ribbon by Omi Caeon

  • $795

A stunning hand crafted Mobius (or Moebius) ribbon carving pendant carved in translucent jade by New Zealand Artist Omni Caeon

Including an adjustable braid cord and beautiful hexagonal wooden gift box featuring heart engravings and native Paua shell inlays

43mm Long (1.75 Inches) x 16mm Thick (0.6 inches)

This is an extraordinary and and rare piece.
It is a true 3D mobius ribbon form with the jade is carved into a delicate almost translucent ribbon.
The detail, finish and craftsmanship is absolutely unbelievable so this is very much a collectors piece.

This is a special custom carved piece from our own collection so once sold it will be removed from our gallery permanently

This is a mathematical phenomenon where the object has only one side and only one boundary component so effectively has no start or end point and no front or back, as such it is regarded as an eternity symbol.

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