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Flower Jade Leaf Heart by Madelyne Gourdin

  • $345

Another stunning small wearable art pendant by Madelyne Gourdin.  
Hand crafted kawakawa leaves back to back creating the form of an anatomical heart and c
arved in stunning New Zealand Rimu jade or Pounamu with traditional satin/matt finish.  

It is supplied complete with an adjustable plaited cord and an amazing little heart box with Paua shell inlays.  

This stunning piece of miniature wearable art is not flat on the back, it is a filly rounded sculptural 3D form.  

50mm Long (2 Inches)  
Includes Free Postal Delivery Worldwide.   

This is a one of a kind collectors piece so will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.    

The leaf represents new life and journeys and the heart is an eternity symbol representing love.  In this piece the two leaves join to become one.

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