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US Payment Portal #1

Welcome to our secure eWay Rapid Pay portal for International credit card payments.

Payments are processed in US$ but converted to your local currency by your card company.

We are currently able to accept Visa and MasterCard only at this portal.
If you wish to make your payment via another credit card type such as Amex or JCB let us know and we will send you a new link to our Pay Pal portal which can accept more card types (you don't have to have a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal for credit card payments)

Order Details:

Invoice Number:  32844

Shipping Address:

Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery
Unit 200,   332 Water Street
BC V6B 1B6
Phone  604 684 9222

Order Contents:

Commercial Order
By Courier = US$3702.00

Order Total  US$3702.00

Please email Heather to let her know you have made your payment at