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NZ Payment Portal #1

Welcome to our eWay Rapid Pay portal for New Zealand credit card users only.

We are currently able to accept Visa and MasterCard only via the NZ portal.

Use the button below to complete the payment or give us a call and we can do it by phone for you.

Order Details:

Order Number: #DC9145

Shipping Address:

Jolande Quispel
Dokter Rietveldplein 17
3353 SH Papendrecht.
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 120 55 817

Cart Contents:

1 x  J1268s       @NZ$45.60 each                        NZ$45.60
3 x  J1268m      @NZ$64.80 each                        NZ$194.40
1 x  J3353         @NZ$105.00 each                      NZ$105.00
1 x  J1598         @NZ$83.40 each                        NZ$83.40
1 x  J3187         @NZ$121.80 each                      NZ$121.80
1 x  J3222         @NZ$49.70 each                        NZ$49.70
1 x  P202           @NZ$47.40 each                       NZ$47.40
1 x  5.97s          @NZ$137.40 each                      NZ$137.40

11 x C6 Plaited Cords  @NZ$14 each                  NZ$154.00
4 x   C1x Braid Cords  @NZ$7 each                     NZ$28.00

Courier Delivery = NZ$50

Order Total       NZ$1016.70


If you prefer to pay by phone or have any questions feel free to call Heather or Don on 09 2785156

9am to 5pm week days.


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