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From The Land To The Sea

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A stunning contemporary mixed media piece designed by Beano Salisbury.
This amazing wearable art piece incorporates New Zealand Paua shell (abalone), Pacific mother of pearl shell, nephrite jade and gold mounted in a solid .925 sterling silver surround.
It is supplied on a modern style rubber necklace and is complete with a stunning wooden gift box

50mm Long (2 inches) x 8mm thick (0.3 Inches)

This pieces is one of a kind and comes from our own private collection so when sold it will be removed from our gallery permanently.

This piece tells the story of our home land and the transition from land to sea.
Beano was from the wild and rugged west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  This is a land of steep mountains, wild rivers and a rugged coastlines which are beautifully illustrated in this sculptural landscape.
The South Island of New Zealand is also known my its Maori name "Te Wai Pounamu" which means "The Waters of Pounamu".  Pounamu is the Maori name for for the sacred jade which is only found in New Zealand along the west coast of the South Island.
Beano has included nephrite jade in his design not only in the mountain scene on the front but also the whole of the back of the piece which is then wrapped and protected by interlocking Koru in solid sterling silver.
The Koru or spiral form is the opening fern frond and represents new life or beginnings, family and purity.

Origin of manufacture unknown.

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