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Tri Koru Pendant and Sculpture by Rewiri Tarapata

  • $685

A triple Koru pendant carved in jade and resting in a basalt display stand by Rewiri Tarapata.  
This is a true wearable art piece, its a pendant and also a desktop sculpture.  

Jade Koru Pendant = 50mm Long (2 Inches)     
On display stand =  85mm Tall (3.3 Inches)   
Includes Free Express Courier Delivery Worldwide     

By virtue of the amazing stone from which this piece is carved, it is one of a kind so will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.      

The Koru, represents the fern frond opening and bringing new life and purity to the world.    
This form represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, family as well as regrowth or new beginnings/journeys.    
The outer circle is said to show the circle of life. 

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