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Maori Putatara or Conch Shell Trumpet

Large Putatara or Conch Shell Trumpet

  • $875

A large one of a kind Putatara or conch shell trumpet with complex traditional carvings and paua shell inlays on the wooden mouth pieces and bindings with feathers.
Complete with a carved wooden display stand.

The trumpet is 325mm Long (12.9 Inches)

This is a rare one of a kind piece from our own personal collection so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.

The Putatara is an very ancient style of shell trumpet used by the Maori for ceremonial occasions and to communicate over very long distances

The two main parts of a Putatara represent koha (gifts) from their respective Atua (gods/guardians).
The conch shell itself represents Tangaroa who is the god or guardian of the oceans and the carved wooden mouth piece represents Tane Mahuta who is the god or guardian of the forests. 
Putatara are therefore a very sacred instrument and central to Maori ceremony and beliefs.

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