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Large Flower Jade Playing Tui Sculpture by Rewiri Tarapata

  • $3,875

A stunning large one of a kind sculpture depicting two Tui playing in the treetops and hand carved in New Zealand flower jade by Rewiri Tarapata.     

Two Jade Tui Only = 260mm Long (10.25 Inches) 
On Stand = 330mm Long (12.9 Inches)     

This is a very unique one of a kind collectors piece so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.    

Includes Free Express Courier Delivery Worldwide.  

Tui are a stunning native New Zealand bird that are known for their beauty, amazing aerial dogfight, amazing song and their cheeky nature.  They are feed on nectar and berries so are often seen hanging upside down on Kowhai trees or flax plants drinking from the flowers or just having a bit of fun.   

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