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Large Flower Jade Manaia Sculpture by Adam White


A stunning large one of a kind hand crafted Manaia Sculpture carved in Flower jade or Pounamu and resting on a carved sandstone base by by Master carver Adam White.           

This is the real thing, it is a thick fully rounded 3D form which has an amazing tactile aura so it just cries out to be picked up and touched.    

200mm Tall (7.8 Inches)    

This is a one of a kind collectors piece that will never be repeated so it will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.

Includes Free International Express Courier Delivery World Wide.   

The Manaia is said to be the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits. It is also a holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil.    
The Manaia can be seen blended into many Maori designs such as the Koru (Spiral) to depict its different powers and its interaction with the spirit or mortal worlds.  

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