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Flower Jade Koauau Flute by Nick Balme

  • $925

A stunning Maori Koauau or short flute carved in New Zealand flower jade or Pounamu by Nick Spicer Balme. 
This is not just a display piece, it is a real working jade flute. 
It is presented in an beautiful carved solid wooden Wakahuia and comes with a full bio of the artist. 

Nick has created this wearable art piece based on a very ancient traditional design but has given it a contemporary twist making this a true once in a lifetime collectors piece.

100mm Long (4 Inches)  

This is a one of a kind piece so will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold

The Koauau is an very ancient style of short flute used by the Maori for ceremonial occasions. It is a very tactile carving that needs to be touched to be appreciated so makes an idea desktop display or meditation piece.

The Wakahuia are sacred carved wooden storage boxes in which are kept very special and precious items and gifts. In ancient times they were often used to store the feathers of the Huia bird which were worn on only the most special of occasions. 

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