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Contemporary White Bronze & Pounamu Tuatara by Nick Balme


A stunning handcrafted Contemporary "Tuatara" pendant, Moulded in intricate white bronze with pounamu drops inserted as eyes.

Complete with an adjustable plaited waxed braid, it also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.  

68mm Long (2.67")
Includes Free Delivery Worldwide.  

This is a one-of-a-kind piece so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.  

The tuatara is not a lizard; it is the only living member of the order Rhynchocephalia, which flourished around 200 million years ago. All other members of the order became extinct 60 million years ago. Today, Tuatara are of great cultural significance to Māori, and feature in some creation stories. Some iwi (tribes) view tuatara as the kaitiaki (guardians) of knowledge.

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