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Flower Jade Huia Feather Sculpture by Raegan Bregmen


An absolutely stunning large one of a kind Feather carved in New Zealand Flower Jade or Pounamu by Raegan Bregmen and set on a driftwood base.

The light coloured tip suggests a Huia tail feather.

The feather is 165mm Long (6.5 Inches)  
The base is 230mm long (9 Inches)
Includes Free Express Shipping Worldwide. 

This is a true one of a kind piece so will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.     

The Huia is a sacred but now extinct songbird of New Zealand.  
The feathers of the Huia were sacred objects so were kept in special wooden boxes called Wakahuia.  Waka meaning a sacred vessel and Hui to indicate the very special contents. 

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