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Binding Thread (Three Colours)

Binding Thread (Three Colours)

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Fine (1.0mm) waxed braid binding thread in three colours.

This fine braid is used for the lashings or bindings and can also be plaited to make thicker cords.

Change the "Quantity" to the length required (quantity 1 = 2 meters, quantity 2 = 4 meters etc.)
Cut to the length you require in 2 meter multiples so the pricing is US$1 per 2 meters (1 Meter = approx 39 inches)

Average lengths required:
- For the small whipping to fit a toggle or loop in a cord = Approx 0.3 meter each
- For binding along the shank of a hook = Approx 1.2 meters
- For crossover binding on Toki = Approx 2 meters.

Always order roughly twice the length you need to make handling easier and to cover any possible mistakes in doing the bindings. 

You will need to do your own research on binding and whipping methods.
There are many styles of bindings, some of which can be quite complex so we do not provide instructions or tutorials.
If in doubt contact us for a quote on doing the custom cordage and binding for you.

This listing is for ordering cut lengths when a whole 500 meter spool is not required.
This braid is manufactured by Coates and is called "classic waxed braid".
It can be purchased direct from many industrial sewing supplies specialists in approx 500 meter spools for around $80 to $90 each plus shipping.

If you are interested in customizations to carvings and/or bindings contact Don to discuss options..

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