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Large Tangiwai Kaka Poria by Alex Sands


A large and very rare hand carved one of a kind Kaka Poria pendant carved in rare translucent Tangiwai by Alex Sands.  

Tangiwai Pounamu is actually a type of bowenite which is different in chemical composition to the more common nephrite jades. 
Tangiwai is an amazing stone that often hides its true beauty, it appears dark when in the hand but give it just a little bit of light and it suddenly springs to life with a translucent glow. 

45mm Long (1.8 Inches)
Includes Free Express Courier Delivery Worldwide.  

This is a one of a kind piece by virtue of the amazing stone from which it is carved so it will be permanently removed from our gallery when sold.    

The Kaka Poria or "kaka ring" was fitted to the leg of a pet Kaka bird kept as a pet by ancient Maror.
The kaka is a large and very smart native alpine parrot with a reputation for being cheeky and very intelligent. Even today it still causes mayhem for tourists in the alpine areas of New Zealand as it steals shiny objects like teaspoons or dismantles car windscreen wipers and trim.  They are very friendly, very noisy and love having an audience to watch their antics. 

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