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Pounamu Drop Pendants or "Touch Stones"

These simple forms show the stunning diversity of New Zealand's Pounamu (Nephrite Jade)  They are hand carved from some of the rarest and most beautiful jades including Marsden Flower, Kahurangi, Tangiwai and many more.
Photos on the internet just do not do these extraordinary pieces justice.

Many of these special carvings are unique custom or limited edition pieces that will not be repeated on our site and therefore do not appear in our stock catalogue. While the basic shapes may be repeated, the colour, pattern and texture of the special jades from which each is carved makes most pieces totally unique.

Once each piece sells it will be removed from our site permanently.

All carvings are supplied complete with a traditional style cord & bag.
Most cords are hand made from black waxed braid with a loop and bone toggle fitted. A woven flax presentation case and information on the meaning of the design is also included.
Cords & Packing Detail

Fast airmail shipping worldwide is now just US$6.95 for up to 5 pendants.
All pricing is in US$.

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All drop pendants are regarded as touch stones for meditation and representing a connection to the land. 
Each shape also has additional meanings relating to the wearer.
- Long Slender Drops (Kuru)
Helps encourage knowledge, confidence and independence.
- Squares & Rectangles
A guide or mentor bringing a solid grounding and reliability to others.
- Teardrops and ovals (Roimata)
Positive energy, healing and comfort.
- Short Drops
Strength, confidence, loyalty and pride.
- Triangle
Representing independence, creativity and spiritual clarity.

Inanga Jade Drop Pendant
Inanga Jade Drop Pendant
Inanga Jade Drop Pendant
blank.gif - 0.14 K
blank.gif - 0.14 K
43mm Long
(1.7 inches)
45mm Long
(1.75 inches)
52mm Long
(2.1 inches)
One Only Available
One Only Available
One Only Available


blank.gif - 0.14 K
90mm Long
(3.5 inches)
95mm Long
(3.75 inches)
One Only Available
One Only Available



85mm Long
(3.25 inches)
One Only Available
By Luke Gardiner

Presentation Boxes (Wakahuia)
Available in several styles and sizes are the perfect finishing touch for these carvings

These can be found in our Wood & Wood Carvings section HERE

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