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Featured Artists - Bone:

These artists create works of art with incredible fine detail and exquisite craftsmanship in hand carved bone.  These truly are artworks in miniature and have to be seen to be believed.

A wide range of styles are represented by these artists from the very traditional to the more contemporary and abstract pieces.

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Traditional and contemporary designs blending Pacific cultures in a variety of unique materials

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Now over 60 designs in Sio's gallery
17th July 2015)

Various Guest Artists

These carvings are also a mix of very traditional and contemporary styles by various guest artists.

Maori Bone Carving Twist
Maori Bone Carving Manaia
Maori Bone Carving Manaia
Maori Bone Carving Mere
Maori Bone Carving Tiki

Now over 80 designs in our guest artists gallery
17th July 2015)


Sitiveni (Steve) Fehoko

Steve is a very well known and highly talented Tongan carver who is a master in finely detailed and lifelike sculptures in bone, deer antler and wood.
Steve does some huge sculptures but our collection are the smaller pieces that make spectacular desktop displays and wearable art.
Most of the carvings we have on display are made from the base of naturally caste off deer antlers so no animal has been harmed in any way.

Maori Deer Antler Carving

Now over 30 designs in Steve's gallery

Len & Candy Kay

Len & Candy are masters of their craft specializing in intricate carvings from deer antler with very strong traditional style and amazing detail.
The carvings are made from the base of naturally caste off deer antlers so no animal has been harmed in any way.

Now over 20 designs in the Kay's gallery

Lilach Paul

Lilach does some incredibly detailed work that has to be see to be believed.
She blends designs from many cultures and has a profound love and respect for the natural and spiritual worlds.
Lilach carves in bone, jade and rare 40,000 year old fossilized Kauri Amber

e Carving Pendant
e Carving Pendant

Now over 60 designs in Lilach's gallery

Kerry Thompson

Kerry is a true master of his craft.
He blends strong traditional themes with a contemporary and very unique style making his work instantly recognizable world wide.

Now over 50 designs in Kerry's gallery
(Updated 12th June 2015)

Jackie Tump & Rolfe Bax

These exquisite one off pieces by Rolfe & Jackie from the deep south are inspired by Celtic and Maori art. They feature stunning detail and natural stains made from local wild plants.

Now over 30 designs in Jackie & Rolfe's gallery
(Updated 18th June 2015)

Hepi Maxwell

Very traditional designs with amazing sculptural forms by the master Hepi Maxwell

Bone Heru Sculpture
Jade Kiwi Claw Koru

Now over 20 designs in Hepi's gallery
(Updated 25th June 2015)

Yuri Terenyi

Yuri is a true master of his craft.
Incredible detail, authenticy and creativity combine to make truly unique works of art and working instruments.

** New Artist **

Wooden Flute
Maori Bone Koauau Flute
Mermaid Bone Carving
Maori Bone Carving Manaia
Lizard Bone Carving
Now over 20 designs in Yuri's gallery
27th June 2015)

Alex Sands

Alex is an incredible artist who works in a huge variety of materials as well as in both very traditional and contemporary styles.


** New Artist **

Whale Tooth Carving
Kauri Amber Nguru Flute
Mammoth Ivory Manaia
Maori Bone Carving Manaia
Matau jadeCarving
Now over 20 designs in Alex's gallery
(Updated 10th June 2015)


Sue Daumiller

Traditional and authentic Scrimshaw on fossil walrus and Mammoth by Sue Daumiller

** New Artist **

Now 11 designs in Sue's gallery

Taonga Calendar Taonga Calendar

2015 Taonga Wall Calendars now available HERE


Presentation Boxes (Wakahuia)
Available in several styles and sizes are the perfect finishing touch for these carvings

These can be found in our Wood & Wood Carvings section HERE

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