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Secure Ordering FAQ & Currency Converter:

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= Yes we do ship world wide.

Placing an order:

1. Click on "Add to Cart" to add an item to your order.
2. When ready to complete the order click on "Checkout" and fill in the details requested along with all of your delivery and payment options.
3. On the last page press the confirm button and it is done, you will then be personally contacted with an order confirmation by one of our staff.

Payment Methods Accepted
Credit Card
Gift Certificates
Bank Transfer
- MasterCard
- Visa
- Amex
- Bone Art Place Certificates
- CorpRewards/GiveAnything Cert

- Bank Transfer
For Orders Over US$100 Only.
Customer Pays All Bank
Transfer Fees

- PayPal
- Bank Check by Post
- Cash by Post/Courier

Mixed payments.
eg. Part by credit card and part by gift certificate

= Contact us for Instructions

PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check etc. Go here for account details and information.

- We no longer accept MoneyBookers/Skrill payments and will not be offering this service again.
If you are an ethical merchant considering using Moneybookers/Skrill, email us first to find out why we won't deal with them again.
- International Bank Checks can take up to a month to clear before goods are shipped.
- We do not accept Western Union checks, Money Orders or Travelers Checks.


Order by Fax or Phone:

Our online ordering system is 100% secure. If however you prefer not to use online ordering please feel free to fax or phone your
- Our fax number is +64 9 2785699 (24hrs)
- Our Phone number is +64 9 2785156 (Please be aware of our time zone, we are on GMT +12:00)

Ask a question or give feedback:

Email us at don@boneart.co.nz



Yes we can do layby arrangements.
Talk to Don to discuss your needs and if approved he will set it up for you.
- The max layby term is 3 months
- There are generally no setup or interest fees charged for layby
- If a layby is cancelled part way through there will be a re listing and admin fee of 20% of the purchase price deducted and the balance of payments made will be refunded.
This cancellation fee is to cover our costs in re listing the item and for bank and credit card company transaction fees we pay for every payment transaction.

Email us at don@boneart.co.nz


Discount Voucher Codes:

If you have been given a discount voucher code enter it in the first page of the shopping cart when you add your first item to the cart.
"Voucher Number" then press the "Recalculate" button to see it applied.


** Order Form Error? **

If you have any problems with our shopping cart system please let us know ASAP so that we can fix it and if necessary we will provide you with an alternative secure ordering system for your order.
Email don@boneart.co.nz if you need any assistance.

Order form freezes or fails to update
Our ordering system will not allow you to continue unless you have filled in all of the required fields. When a required field is missed or incorrectly completed, an error message will appear in red at the top and bottom of the page to let you know what you need to change.

If any field is not relevant simply put a 0 (zero) in instead

Common Errors:
1. The name given needs to be a full name eg Don Campbell, not just Don
2. Incorrect card numbers. Credit card numbers are verified and an error returned if they are incorrect.
3. Country selection needs to be made. There is a place called Bowentown for example in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA so we need to know which country you are from.
4. Incorrect voucher code. If you have been given a discount voucher code or gift certificate, an error will be returned if you enter an incorrect or expired code. If you don't have a voucher simply leave this field blank.
5. The comments field will allow you to give special instructions or make other comments. It can only take around 1,500 characters so please don't paste in the entire contents of a long email. The cart page will lock until you reduce or remove the overflowing text.

Pay Pal gateway fails.
Occasionally the Pay Pal gateway may fail to take you to your account to approve the payment or will time out.
If this happens drop a note to Heather at
sales@boneart.co.nz and she will send a payment request/invoice from Pay Pal so you can complete the order.

If you have trouble please contact us ASAP for assistance.

Shopping Cart is Empty
If you receive this message when checking out it means there is a problem reading cookies on your computer. Cookies are used to store the details of the items you have in your cart until after you have completed and submitted the order. As soon as you have finished the order and left our site the cookies are set to expire immediately and/or be deleted. It is important that "Accept Cookies" is set in your preferences for our shopping cart to work.
This error can affect those with older versions of some browsers or if "reject cookies" is set.

If you have any problems and/or you do not wish to allow the use of cookies, please contact us for alternative ordering methods.

Please email don@boneart.co.nz if you would like more information.

Add To Cart Button Does Not Work:

This is most often a browser issue.
1. Our cart system needs at least Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 4.5 to work.
2. Accept cookies needs to be enabled as this is how your order information is stored. The cookie is deleted as soon as the order is sent.
3. Popup screens need to be allowed. 'Parts of the cart system open in a new window so you don't have to find you way back to where you were on the site again.
If you experience this problem when placing an order, please contact us for alternative methods of placing your order.
Please email don@boneart.co.nz



We have shown our pricing in US$ as simply a convenient and easy to understand currency for most purchasers.
To convert these figures to your own currency either select your currency in the dropdown box near the top of the page or pay a visit to: The Currency Converter
The conversion calculations shown are indicative only as exchange rates change constantly.
Please Note: The Bone Art Place is based in New Zealand so credit card charges are made in New Zealand dollars then converted to your local currency by your card company.
Pay Pal charges are processed in US Dollars
The exchange rate calculation is done on the day the order is processed and the charge is made however if there is any change in the exchange rates at all between the charge being placed and your card company actually processing it, there can be a slight difference.

For the last twelve months the NZ dollar rates have been going up (over 30% in that time) so you will generally see a charge on your credit card statement of around US$1 to US$2 dollars "Less" than you expected.
If however the exchange rates go the other way you may find the charge is the same US$1 or US$2 more than you expected.
If this ever does happen please feel free to contact us and we will immediately do a credit to your card for you of any such difference.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are very proud of the high quality of our work.
We therefore have an full refund no questions asked return policy. You may cancel an order at any time with no penalty charges being applied.
If on receiving your order you are not 100% happy with your carving for any reason at all, we will provide a full refund of the purchase price on return of the carving in original condition within 30 days.
If the carvings are returned because they are faulty we will also refund the shipping charges or provide a replacement at your option.
The artists, materials and descriptions shown throughout this site are accurate to the best of our knowledge based on information supplied by the artists or their agents.
If there is any error in the artist name, the material used or the description on any piece we will immediately replace or refund in full the purchase price on return of the carving.
The 30 day limit would not apply in this situation.


Custom Designs:

If you would like us to design or carve a piece for you using traditional styling, or you wish to send us your own design, simply send us the details and we will be happy to return an obligation free quote.
We are generally not able to do custom work between October and the end of January as we deal with the Christmas rush.
Average lead times for carving work are 2 weeks for bone and 6 to 8 weeks for jade plus shipping time.


Delivery Options & Insurance:

Loss of packages in the post is very rare but it does happen from time to time so you need to assess the risk yourself.
We have had parcels simply disappear without trace, we have had parcels stolen by neighbors from letterboxes, we have had parcels arrive empty or with damaged contents and we have even had a USA Postal service worker caught steeling them while sorting.
Theft and loss of parcels is more common during the Christmas rush when the postal services are under huge pressure and can make mistakes.
All parcels carry at least US$50 cover automatically but if you are buying carvings with more than that you should consider taking the higher insurance cover or for very expensive pieces, using our fully insured DHL courier service.

If a parcel is lost in the post and you have chosen not to take appropriate insurance cover the maximum we can legally reimburse you is US$50    
We can NOT refund payments or replace carvings over the insurance cover limit chosen by you when you place your order. 
If you do not specify the delivery method you will be given the standard airmail delivery with US$50 cover by default.

All of the rates shown are for international delivery anywhere in the world unless otherwise stated.

- International Airmail Post.
US$6.95 for up to five standard weight items in the same pack shipped worldwide.
There is a up to US$50 insurance cover in this option
No end user tracking available
Delivery time approx. 15 to 20 days.

- International Economy Courier. (USA, UK and most of Europe)
US$38.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available.
Delivery time approx. six to nine days.

- International Express Courier.
US$55.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. four days.

- Express Courier to Australia Only.
US$35.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. four days.

- Local Courier. (Within New Zealand Only)
US$7 for up to five standard weight items in the same pack.
For six or more pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. two days.

= A Special Note For GERMAN Customers
The German customs/mail services are very slow at the moment so standard postal shipping can take a month to be delivered.
We highly recommend Courier shipping for German customers so that parcel tracking is available.


Trade Orders:

If you wish to stock our carvings or act as an agent in your area please contact us for details and trade pricing.
We can also do large custom orders on request.


Special Discounts:

From time to time we offer special promotional discounts or discounts to our newsletter subscribers.
We will also at times provide a special or trade price quote on specific pieces.
Please note that promotional discount codes, and quoted prices Can Not Be Combined
If special prices or discounts are quoted then those prices stand on their own and can not combined with other codes or discounts.
If several discount codes are offered (eg for members and also for web site retail buyers) only one code can be used at any one time.
Discount codes are entered in the "Voucher" box on the first page of the cart system when placing an order.
Click on the "Change Basket" button to see the discount applied.
Discount codes do not apply to the shipping charges portion of the order.

Customs duties or VAT :

- Will I be charged customs import duties on my package?
Having to pay customs import duties on your postal package when it arrives is VERY rare.

    If you are ordering anything (not just from us) from outside your own country there is always a possibility that your customs service may inspect the parcel and "may" charge a percentage of the value in import duties, quarantine fees or other charges. These will usually be invoiced by the delivery provider on behalf of the your local customs service.

    As we have no control whatsoever over the customs and postal services in your country The Bone Art Place can not quote on nor cover any such fees charged by your local authorities.
    The recipient is the "Importer of record" and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.
    Customs policies vary widely from country to country so you should contact your local customs office for more information and to check what if any charges may be applicable.

    When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

    We will therefore not under any circumstances cover or reimburse for any such fees charged by your local customs, courier or postal services.
    We are also required by international law to show the full value of the order on all customs documents included with the order so will not list items as gifts or under state the value to avoid customs duties.

    If you refuse accept delivery on a parcel (or fail to pay an invoice for duties before due date) to avoid paying customs duties or because the customs service delayed delivery of a parcel, they will return it to us and charge us for the return shipping cost plus customs duties.
    Once we receive the items back in good condition we will then refund you for the purchase price of the returned items (excluding original shipping fees) less any return shipping costs and customs duties we are charged.

    (Refer to our terms of sale HERE)

    We are required by international law to show the full value of the order on all customs documents included with the order.
    Please DO NOT ask us to understate the value of the order for customs or to list it as "gift or samples".
    Doing so would be regarded as a false customs declaration and this could result in prosecution and/or seizure of the package by the customs service.

Terms of Sale:

For more information about our returns policy and handling of exchange rates etc, go to:
Terms & Conditions


- Privacy Policy and Spam
- We hate spam and refuse to deal with companies that use it.
All information you provide when ordering or corresponding with the Bone Art Place is kept strictly confidential and securely stored.
We do not keep payment information on file any longer than is necessary to process your order or refund if cancelled unless you specifically ask us to do so.
All financial information is collected and stored via a secure e-commerce server.
Personal information including email addresses will NEVER be given, sold or shared with to any third party for any reason whatsoever unless we are specifically required to do so by a government enforcement agency and under an official legal warrant.

Our full privacy policy can be found at  BoneArt Privacy Statement

There are some idiots out there who are faking our return address on spam emails selling drugs and software etc, if you receive any of these they are NOT from us but please report it to us so we can take action against them


The Bone Art Place Contact Details:

+64 9 2785156

If contacting us by phone, please check the local time in
New Zealand "before" calling.

64 9 2785699
Snail Mail

The Bone Art Place
P.O. Box 23-404
Hunters Corner

Auckland 2155
New Zealand

Street Address

(Administration Office Only)
Not a shop

60 Woolfield Road
Auckland 2025
New Zealand

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