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Answers To Common Questions
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Here you will find the answers to questions, general information and pointers to where to find what you are looking for.

= Yes we do ship world wide.

- On-line Ordering System Info
- The Process:
Go to the
Ordering System FAQ to find information on the ordering process, error messages, payment methods accepted and discounts codes.

- Currency
We have shown our pricing in $US as simply a convenient and easy to understand currency for many purchasers.
To convert these figures to your own currency pay a visit to:
The Currency Converter

- Availability of Featured Artists Pieces
Much of the work in our featured artist galleries is one-off or limited edition work. Once sold these pieces will be removed from our site permanently.
Some work we can have carved again on request but most are one of a kind carvings by virtue of design or material colour etc and can not be repeated.
Some artists will not repeat a design once sold and we will always respect the artists wishes.
For one-off pieces the photo you see on our page is of the actual piece being sold, for limited edition and other work the photo is of a representative example.
These pieces are sold strictly on a first order basis. If we receive two orders for the same item, the first order will always receive the carving and the second order will be offered an alternative, a refund or a credit whichever the customer prefers.

- Are Your Bone Carvings The Real Thing?
- Are your bone carvings the real thing or just machine cut imported copies?
Yes they are, to the best of our knowledge they are carved by either our artists in their own studios around New Zealand or are supplied by other independent artists or the artists agents.

Traditional Maori bone carvings have become very popular in recent years which has resulted in a lot of people now making knock-offs.
Unfortunately most of the carvings offered on the Internet (and even in shops in New Zealand) these days are in fact very poor quality fakes which we believe are doing huge damage to the reputation of real New Zealand craft work and artists.   Much of the work being sold as "Genuine Maori Carving" has in fact been factory made in Malaysia, India, Philippines or China and a lot of it is not even carved but is stamped out by machines from a bone and resin paste. To add insult to injury these same people have stolen their designs from the real artists.

The poor carvers who make these fakes in the sweat shop factories in some of these countries are paid a couple of dollars a week if that and have to work long hours spitting out as many carvings as possible. The retailers and manufacturers who take advantage of the subsistence pay rates in these countries often try to justify it by saying they are Maori designs or local carvers can't keep up or even that somehow the use of raw materials exported from New Zealand to these factories somehow makes them the genuine article.

Be realistic, if a company in America is selling complex bone carvings at $15 each and making a profit after buying, importing and shipping them to customers, what do you think the artist will be getting paid?
Would you be prepared to work for that kind of money, so why would you expect skilled craftsmen and artists who treasure their culture and their craft accept a few cents an hour for their work?
Yes we are passionate about our culture and our craft, we make no apologies for that. Our carvers are paid well for their skill and dedication which is the least they deserve.

If you are looking for exclusive, high quality, genuine bone carvings, The Bone Art Place is where you will find them.   If however you are looking for cheap, mass produced machine cut replicas, there are a number of companies in Asia and India who can supply these for you.

Either way, you will get exactly what you pay for.

- Cords, Packaging etc.
- What cords and other material are supplied with your carvings?
Every pendant carving is supplied with a traditional black waxed braid cord with a loop and bone toggle fitted, a woven flax presentation case and information on the meaning of the design.

More About Cords & Packing Detail

- Materials used for carvings
- Do you sell carvings made from Whale bone?
We at the Bone Art Place have a great love and respect for our natural world and strongly support conservation in general and the protection for whales in particular.
We do not sell any carvings in materials taken from whale or other protected species.
We support CITES which is an international treaty drawn up in 1973 to protect wildlife against over-exploitation, and to prevent international trade from threatening species.

- What type of bone is used for carvings?
In pre-European times there were no cattle or other large land animals in New Zealand other than a large (now extinct) flightless bird called the Moa which stood up to 3mtrs tall. Some items were carved from its bone but it was really too light and porous.
There were therefore only a couple sources of bone available for the larger carvings. Many large bone carvings were made from whale bone from stranded whales (the Maori did not hunt whales) which should be cured for several years before it can be used.
Smaller pieces such as needles, tattooing knives and spear tips were made from the bones of large birds such as the Albatross and Moa.
The pieces on our site are all carved from cow bone which is now the only readily available source of bone suitable for carving. The bone has to be very fine grained, very dense and also thick enough to make the larger pieces. It is the high density and fine grain of the bone that gives it the ability to hold such a high gloss polish.

- Are Jade, Pounamu and Greenstone the same thing?

The short answer is no.
New Zealand jade is Nephrite Jade which has inclusions of other minerals giving it the interesting colour.
Jade or Greenstone are common names for the jade used to carve Maori designs. These terms include jade sourced from New Zealand and also imported stone from places like Australia or Canada.
New Zealand jade is sometimes hard to get so it is common for stock or cheaper carvings to be carved from a mixture of local and imported stone.
We can not 100% guarantee that every single "stock" carving is carved from New Zealand stone as they are often not made by our own carvers so we simply describe them as "jade"
There is not really a pure black New Zealand jade (very dark but not completely black) so pure black jades are generally Australian jade.

Pounamu however is the term for New Zealand jade so is only used when we have been assured by the carvers that it is really New Zealand jade.
You will find "Pounamu" carvings in our featured artists galleries and "Jade" in our stock carvings listings.

- Care of Bone Carvings

Your bone carving is made of highly polished bone. This is a porous material and over time absorbs oils from your skin turning to a soft honey gold colour wherever it has been in contact with your skin. This is normal and one of the great beauties of bone crafted jewelry.

To bring back the shine on your carving simply buff it with a soft cloth. In ancient times the high gloss polished finish of bone carvings was achieved by the wearer rubbing it with the hands over many months and years.
A bone carving not only looks good but it also feels nice to touch. Handling the carving will not only keep it nicely polished but will also allow your body oils to enter the carving making it a part of you. The Maori people believe it also takes on the spirit of all those who wear it so the more colour it develops the more highly it is treasured.

- Be careful not to spill other coloured liquids onto the carving such as red wines etc as these will also be absorbed into the carving.

- Though bone is a very hard material it can also be brittle and will break if dropped onto a hard surface such as a road or concrete pavement.

- Small carvings should not be worn while sleeping as they may catch on bed clothing and be damaged.

- Check the condition of the cord often.

- Never use household cleaning or polishing compounds on your carving.

- Rain and the swimming will not harm white (unstained) carvings but avoid sudden or extreme temperature changes such as wearing it in a very hot shower or spa. Swimming with it then allowing it to dry rapidly in the sun is also not good for the carving until it has been worn for at least six months against the skin to “cure” it with your body oils

- Handle the carving often as the oils from your skin will keep the carving in good condition and protect it from the elements and give it that nice antique look over time.

- Stained or coloured carvings should not be worn in the shower or while swimming as salt water in particular will fade the stained portions of your carving.
Some people have particularly strong perspiration so stained carvings may fade when worn against the skin.

- Maori Artists
- Are all the artists Maori?
No, While many are Maori, New Zealand is a true multicultural society like most small nations in the Pacific so our artists reflect that cultural diversity. We have Maori, Part Maori, European and Pacific Island carvers. What is most important is that the artists are masters of their craft and that they are totally passionate about their craft, their heritage and their culture whatever that may be.

- Location of Artists
- Do you only sell work made in New Zealand?
95% of what we sell is made in New Zealand by local artists. We do also however sell work by artists who live and work in other countries in the region such as featured artist Anthony Bray-Heta, a Maori carver now living in Australia. We represent the best of ethnic art, craft work and artists from all around the region but our main focus is on New Zealand.

- Delivery Options & Insurance.
- Do I need shipping insurance and what are the costs?
Loss of packages in the post is very rare but it does happen from time to time so you need to assess the risk yourself.
We have had parcels simply disappear without trace, we have had parcels stolen by neighbors from letterboxes, we have had parcels arrive empty or with damaged contents and we have even had a USA Postal service worker caught steeling them while sorting.
Theft and loss of parcels is more common during the Christmas rush when the postal services are under huge pressure and can make mistakes.
All parcels carry at least US$50 cover automatically but if you are buying carvings with more than that you should consider taking the higher insurance cover or for very expensive pieces, using our fully insured and tracked DHL courier service.

If a parcel is lost in the post and you have chosen not to take appropriate insurance cover the maximum we can legally reimburse you is US$50     We can NOT refund payments or replace carvings over the insurance cover limit chosen by you when you place your order. If you do not specify the delivery method you will be given the standard airmail delivery with US$50 cover by default.

All of the rates shown are for international delivery anywhere in the world unless otherwise stated.

- Standard International Airmail Post.
US$6.95 for up to five standard weight items in the same pack shipped worldwide.
There is a up to US$50 insurance cover in this option
No end user tracking available
Delivery time approx 20 days.

- Basic Tracked International Airmail Post.
US$9.95 for up to five standard weight items in the same pack shipped worldwide.
There is a up to US$100 insurance cover in this option
This is a very basic tracked mail system with scans at two or three points points along the way only.
It is does NOT have the very detailed tracking information that is available on courier packages.
The postal services in some countries can't or won't track international registered mail items so once it enters their local mail system tracking stops.
Australia had declared themselves as one of those countries.
Delivery time approx 20 days.

Please note that we use DHL International for our mail.
The New Zealand postal service no longer offer a tracked international mail system at all so we now use DHL,s commercial mail service instead.
DHL overnight courier our mailbags direct to their international sorting facility in Singapore where the individual envelopes have tracking labels attached and then go into the mail system. 
Being that they are a German company with a sorting center in Singapore and that the tracking labels are printed at that location it can appear on the tracking info as if the package was sent from Germany or Singapore.
Rest assured that packages are actually sent from here in New Zealand, 100% guaranteed, they NOT sent from Germany or Singapore.

- International Economy Courier. (USA, UK and most of Europe)
US$38.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available.
Delivery time approx. six to nine days.

- International Express Courier.
US$55.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. four days.

- Express Courier to Australia Only.
US$35.00 for up to ten standard weight items in the same pack.
For more than ten pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. four days.

- Local Courier. (Within New Zealand Only)
US$7 for up to five standard weight items in the same pack.
For six or more pieces please ask for a quote.
Includes full cover shipping insurance.
Full tracking available
Delivery time approx. two days.

= A Special Note For GERMAN Customers
The German customs/mail services are very slow at the moment so standard postal shipping can take a month to be delivered.
We highly recommend Courier shipping for German customers so that parcel tracking is available


Delivery Times & Overdue Shipments:

Delivery times stated are approximate only and will vary from country to country.
Parcels can also from time to time be held up at your local customs or post office in which case you may need to contact them to find out what the delay is.
If a parcel is late we will need a little time to check our tracking systems and talk to the various parties along the way in order to find out if it is held up or has in fact gone missing before we can arrange a replacement or refund based on the level of insurance chosen when you placed your order.

- Customs Duties or VAT
- Will I be charged customs import duties on my package?
Having to pay customs import duties on your standard postal package when it arrives is VERY rare.
For high value items or those shipped by courier however customs charges are not uncommon.

If you are ordering anything (not just from us) from outside your own country there is always a possibility that your customs service may inspect the parcel and may charge import duties, quarantine fees or other charges. These will usually be invoiced by the delivery provider on behalf of the your local customs service.

As we have no control whatsoever over the customs and postal services in your country The Bone Art Place can not quote on nor cover any such fees charged by your local authorities.
The recipient is the "Importer of record" and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country so you should contact your local customs office for more information and to check what if any charges may be applicable.

When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

We will therefore not under any circumstances cover or reimburse for any such fees charged by your local customs, courier or postal services.
We are also required by international law to show the full value of the order on all customs documents included with the order so will not list items as gifts or under state the value to avoid customs duties.

    If you refuse accept delivery on a parcel (or fail to pay an invoice for duties before due date) to avoid paying customs duties or because the customs service delayed delivery of a parcel, they will return it to us and charge us for the return shipping cost plus customs duties.
    Once we receive the items back in good condition we will then refund you for the purchase price of the returned items (excluding original shipping fees) less any return shipping costs and customs duties we are charged.

    (Refer to our terms of sale HERE)

    We are required by international law to show the full value of the order on all customs documents included with the order.
    Please DO NOT ask us to understate the value of the order for customs or to list it as "gift or samples".
    Doing so would be regarded as a false customs declaration and this could result in prosecution and/or seizure of the package by the customs service.

- Satisfaction Guarantee & Return Policy
We are very proud of the high quality of our work so we are happy to provide a full refund no questions asked return policy.
If on receiving your order you are not 100% happy with your carving for any reason at all, we will provide a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping) on return of the carvings in original condition within 30 days.
If the carvings are returned because they are faulty we will also refund the shipping charges or provide a replacement at your option.

Cooling off period.
Should you change your mind about a purchase and it has already shipped you have 30 days to return it unused, unopened and in the same condition as received for a full no questions asked refund.

The artists, materials and descriptions shown throughout this site are accurate to the best of our knowledge based on information supplied by the artists or their agents.
If there is any error in the artist name, the material used or the description on any piece we will immediately replace or refund in full the purchase price on return of the carving.
The 30 day limit would not apply in this situation.
If you find anything on our site that you believe is not accurately described please let us know ASAP so that we can correct or remove that item immediately.

- Privacy Policy and Spam
- We hate spam and refuse to deal with companies that use it.
All information you provide when ordering or corresponding with the Bone Art Place is kept strictly confidential and securely stored.
We do not keep payment information on file any longer than is necessary to process your order or refund if canceled unless you specifically ask us to do so.
All financial information is collected and stored via a secure e-commerce server.
Personal information including email addresses will NEVER be given, sold or shared with to any third party for any reason whatsoever unless we are specifically required to do so by a government enforcement agency and under an official legal warrant.

Our full privacy policy can be found at  BoneArt Privacy Statement

There are some idiots out there who are faking our return address on spam emails selling drugs and software etc, if you receive any of these they are NOT from us but please report it to us so we can take action against them

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Please respect the hard work and skill our artists have put into creating these designs.
Copyright violations will be pursued to the fullest extent possible under international law.
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